• Onramp Invest, the leading digital asset investment platform for financial professionals, announced the addition of Coinbase Prime’s custodian, Coinbase Custody Trust Company as its trading partner and third custodian service.
• This partnership gives advisors access to over 200 cryptocurrencies and unsurpassed flexibility, intelligence and security to invest in digital assets.
• The Coinbase Prime integration also adds investor benefits such as broader access to leading indexes, models, and strategies; industry-leading market access and security; investment access to Coinbase-vetted cryptocurrencies; and Smart Order Router for best trade execution.

Onramp Invest Adds Coinbase Prime

Onramp Investment recently announced the addition of Coinbase Prime’s custodian, Coinbase Custody Trust Company as its third trading partner and custodial service on their platform. This partnership gives financial advisors a variety of options when it comes to investing in digital assets with increased flexibility, intelligence and security.

Benefits for Financial Professionals

The new integration provides advisors with a range of benefits that include: access to leading indexes from Wisdom Tree, Valkyrie Invest and other providers in Onramp’s Marketplace; market access and security for client investments; over 200 vetted cryptocurrencies from Coinbase; and Smart Order Router for better trade execution across multiple liquidity venues.

Compatibility With Client Management Software

In addition, Onramp is compatible with existing client management software such as Orion, Morningstar ByAllAccounts and Advyzon so RIAs can manage their client crypto portfolios more efficiently.

Statement From Eric Ervin

Eric Ervin, CEO & Founder of Onramp stated „Coinbase has long been a trusted advisory partner for Onramp…Adding Coinbase Prime as a custodian really sets the platform apart.“ He added that „For the first time RIAs will have the full power & security that Coinbase brings to crypto investing at their fingertips through Onramp.“

Statement From Christopher Amorello

Christopher Amorello , Institutional Sales Manager of Coinbase Primestated „We are dedicated to making Coinbase Prime the platinum standard of institutional crypto access & custodianship“ adding that they were excited for OnRamp to bring this standard to RIAs & investors nationwide.