• Google announced its upcoming generative AI integration across its various platforms, including Workspace, Slides, Docs, Sheets, Meet and Mail.
• The AI writing tool in the docs and mail will allow users to generate text automatically after typing a few words about the topic.
• The AI-enabled workspace suite is expected to arrive for English-language users in the U.S. by end of the month.

Google Rushes to Catch Up in the AI Race

Google has been trying to catch up with OpenAI ever since it introduced the conversational bot ChatGPT. Google’s first move on AI was with its AI chatbot Bard but it was tepid which pushed them to come up with a new tactic: an AI writing tool integrated into their Workspace suite that includes Docs, Sheets, Meet and Mail.

How Does This Work?

The feature comes with new ways to summarise and generate text with AI in Google Docs – users can type a few words about a topic and the system will generate text within seconds which they can edit or refine with more suggestions from the AI. Users can also use this technology to create images, videos or audio for presentations on Slides as well as automated notes on Meet.

Safety & Security

Johanna Voolich Wright, VP of product at Google Workspace emphasized that “AI is no replacement for ingenuity, creativity and smarts of real people” when using this feature – safety and security are of paramount importance when using these technologies so extra measures have been taken by Google so that these tools are used safely by all users.


The AI-enabled workspace suite will be available for English language users in the US by end of March 2023. Other regions may follow suit depending on how successful it is in America first before expanding further into other countries around the world.


Google’s efforts towards catching up in Artificial Intelligence technology have been commendable especially now that they have come out with an innovative way of generating texts through an integrated system across their platforms such as Workspace Suite (Docs/Sheets/Meet). Safety and security are kept top priority ensuring only secure usage of such features by all users upon availability later this month in USA only (for now).