• Radix Tokens (Jersey) has secured $10 million in new funding, providing the asset-focused smart contract platform with a $400 million valuation.
• The private capital round was headed by DWF Labs and other unnamed blockchain venture capitalists and angel investors.
• Radix’s Babylon mainnet is preparing to launch and will be the first to support smart contracts.

Radix Secures Capital Investment

Radix Tokens (Jersey) has recently secured $10 million in new funding from a private capital round led by DWF Labs, an international leader in market making and multi-stage web3 investing. This investment gives Radix a $400 million valuation and strengthens their efforts to develop their high throughput DeFi ecosystem ahead of the upcoming launch of their Babylon mainnet, which will be the first to support smart contracts. Unnamed blockchain venture capitalists and angel investors also participated in the round.

$10 Million Fundraising Round

The private fundraising round resulted in an injection of $10 million into Radix’s platform, helping it reach its current $400 million valuation. The primary investor was DWF Labs, who have offices located throughout Hong Kong, South Korea, British Virgin Islands, Singapore, Switzerland, and United Arab Emirates. Other unnamed venture capitalists and angel investors also contributed towards this successful fundraising effort.

Babylon Mainnet Launch

Radix is now gearing up for the launch of its Babylon mainnet, which will be the first ever to support smart contracts on its platform. As part of this preparation process more than 50 projects are currently being developed for use on the platform such as wallets, lending/borrowing services, gaming experiences, NFTs etc. Additionally there is a grants program in place that provides financing as well as mentoring opportunities for teams looking to build on Radix’s network.

Andy Jarrett Director Statement

Andy Jarrett Director at Radix Tokens (Jersey) Ltd said „It is fantastic to have the DWF Labs team focused on the coming Radix ecosystem and lending their expertise and capital to the launch of the coming Radix mainnet Babylon“

Andrei Grachev Managing Partner Statement

Andrei Grachev Managing Partner at DWF Labs expressed his enthusiasm about leading this funding round saying „We are thrilled to lead the $10 million funding round for Radix Tokens (Jersey) and support their vision of building out a high throughput DeFi ecosystem.“ He further stated that they are looking forward seeing continued success from Radix within asset-oriented smart contract space space with this extra financial boost from them